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There is only one Earth.

TEDxHouston Countdown


On October 29th, TEDxHouston Countdown will take place at POST featuring talks on sustainability and solutions to our climate crisis.

POST will also host a live jury of an urban design competition and a number of cultural exhibitions. These exhibitors will include Luis Negron Berrios, Mel Chin, NASA, and Rice Architecture.

The full day of activities culminates in an after party at POST’s X Atrium.

Details to follow.

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Urban Masterplan Competition

Registration now open to all till Oct 14.

Greening the Industrial City

Greening the Industrial City

Participants are asked to submit a masterplan proposal for a centrally located industrial park that was built over a natural waterway.

Find clever ways to expose the natural beauty of the waterway underneath the industrial park and provide your vision for sustainable and equitable development in East Houston.

In Partnership With

For sponsorship and partnership opportunities of the Oct 29 Events, please contact our team.

Bounce Back Vintage Market

Houston's rich culture of vintage clothing, streetwear and sneakers all under one roof.

Peace by Piece Vintage Market
Peace by Piece Vintage Market

Fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. Giving clothes a second life is one way to reduce your environmental footprint.

On Oct 29, buy, sell, and trade vintage and hype gear in a safe and family friendly environment where everyone is welcome.

Learn more about Bounce Back and Peace by Piece here.

Sustainable Practices

POST is proud to be LEED Gold® certified by USGBC for its sustainability features, energy conservation methods, and adaptive reuse strategy.