Onsite parking at POST is first come, first serve, and hourly rates apply all time. Learn details


401 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77201

Regular Hours





713 Music Hall Concert Nights

POST Market is open until midnight on concert nights.

Directory Map

For more vendor information, building amenities, and map, check our Directory Map


Our gates recognize your license plate upon entry and will automatically calculate parking fees upon exit. When you pay for parking, there are no tickets -- saving you the hassle of finding your ticket and trying to feed it into the machine on your way out!

Please pay your parking fee online (keep your license plate number handy). You will have 30 min to exit after your payment.

0 - 75min




*Tax and additional handling fees may apply for online payments

Other Parking Options for Concert Nights

If you plan to visit by car for 713 Music Hall concerts, you can book your parking near POST with ParkWhiz.

*Your purchase on Parkwhiz does not work for onsite parking at POST.

General Guidelines

🚴Bikes Encouraged

POST provides bike racks at 3 locations

> Northwest Docks
> Bagby Street Entrance
> Front Plaza

🧑🦽ADA Accessible

Accessible parking and ramps are available at each side of the building.

Wheelchair accessible elevator, restrooms, and seating are available.

🚼Changing Stations

Changing stations are provided in the restrooms.

Building Rules

🚭No Smoking

The building, including the rooftop, is smoke free. Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any entrance.

⛔🐕No Pets

Due to sanitation concerns, pets are not allowed inside the building or on the rooftop.

⛔🎈No Balloons

POST is happy to be a place for your celebration. However, in order to minimize waste and hazard, balloons are not allowed in the building or on the rooftop.


Visitors are welcome to take amateur photos at POST. 

Permits must be requested in advance for any photos using decorations or set up including event or professional photography (engagements, weddings, graduations, advertising, publications, podcasts, etc.)

Please email photos@posthtx.com  for details, questions and if your photography idea will require a permit.