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Lantern Festival Night Market (Lunar New Year Celebration)

2/4/23 10:00 am



10:00 pm

2/5/23 10:00 pm


North Docks

Join us for a 2 days of festivities with the Lantern Festival Night Market on our North Docks presented by Openair Co.

Lantern Festival happens on the first full moon of the lunar cycle. By Asian tradition, it is celebrated by lighting up a lantern and stepping outside to congratulate your community on starting a new year.

Day 1 – Performance

12pm ~ Opening Announcements / Asian Calligraphy Performance by @ZenArtCalligraphy

1pm ~ Maid Café Performance by @megami_maids (Ticket Required)

2pm ~ Majestic Lion Dance (@majesticliondancehtx) Performance provided by @Openair.Company and Shifter

3pm ~ Pop/EDM Dance Off Flash Mob by @jaypfitlife

4pm ~ Hung Vuong Lion Dance (@hvliondance) provided by @AsianNightMarket.htx

5pm ~ Live Music Performance provided by @AsiannNightMarket.htx

Day 2 – Programing

12pm ~ JDM Show Cars and Cosplayer by @neomeet

12pm ~ Maid Café Performance by @megami_maids (Ticket Required)

1pm – 4pm ~ Light Sculpture Presentation by University of Houston - Industrial Design Students

4pm - 5pm ~ Closing Lion Dance / Hung Vuong Lion Dance Team (@hvliondance) provided by @AsianNightMarket.htx

5pm ~ Live Music Performance provided by @AsiannNightMarket.htx

7pm ~ Closing Lion Dance Show / Unity Lion Dance (@unityliondance) provided by @AsiannNightMarket.htx

(Schedule subject to change)

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