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Blackwood Farmer's Market

3/3/24 2:00 pm



6:00 pm

2/18/24 6:00 pm



Shop, taste, and learn with fellow Texans working toward a greener, healthier future in the heart of Downtown Houston. Blackwood Skyfarmer's Market celebrates all things local and nutritious while healing for ourselves, our city, and our planet. Join us every 1st and 3rd Sunday for a fresh and vibrant Farmer's Market experience at Outpost, our covered pavilion event space high above the city surrounded by our one-acre regenerative rooftop farm! Discover the true essence of local, sustainable living as you stroll through a picturesque oasis nestled amidst the urban skyline.

Each Farmer's Market at POST will highlight seasonal organic produce and showcase the cultural diversity of Houston’s food scene, providing visitors with a free community food lesson, spotlighting other local makers and organizations making a difference toward the city’s green future, and offering Houstonians the opportunity to harvest their own fresh, organic produce.

Click here for more info or to apply to become a vendor.

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