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Great Masters Mexican Art Exhibit

3/20/22 12:51 pm



5:13 pm

6/30/22 5:13 pm


X Atrium

Fomento Cultural Citibanamex, POST Houston, and are proud to present the Great Masters exhibition, Mexican art masterpieces for the enjoyment of the community of Houston, Texas.

Fomento Cultural Citibanamex’s program of the Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art proposes a support model that strengthens the formation and longevity of the workshops of the great masters. The consolidation of these workshops is the foundation to produce pieces of excellence, all within the community tradition that marks the guidelines of the cultural identity of the artisans of Mexico.

Great Masters, Mexican art masterpieces brings together some of the best works of Mexican popular art. In this way, by presenting the best artistic production of fundamental creators for the history of Mexican art, a sample of the most outstanding Mexican traditions, a very special vision of national popular art has been achieved, highlighting its richness from all angles.

The exhibition aims to show the fine art of 3 icons of popular artistic creation in Mexico and develop the collection of unique pieces of immense value beyond Mexican borders so that Mexican art reinforces its role as a local expression of universal value.

Allow yourself to be captivated by Oaxaca with its alebrijes, magical creatures, fusion between the animal world and the mystical Zapotec universe through the talented hands of Jacobo and María Ángeles.

Let yourself be carried away by the stories that arise from the soul of Carlomagno Pedro and begin to come to life in the fire of his clay oven.

Finally, be enchanted by the woven images of the sacred spirits in Remigio Mestas textiles. Several of their most beautiful artwork will be presented in this exhibition.

The exhibition will be open until June 30 and can be enjoyed at Northwest Hall of X Atrium 11am - 8pm.

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