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The Alley is proud to offer tapioca pearls made by hand and with heart. The Alley welcomes you to watch as we prepare our tapioca from scratch: from the measuring, sifting, and mixing of ingredients to the formation of the pearl-shaped tapioca. Through this manual performance, we deliver soft, chewy tapioca available in various unique flavors.

Every beverage from The Alley has a story of more than 500 days starting from the harvest of the tea leaves, the processing and aging of the leaves, the infusion of flavors to the selection of ingredients and their ratios. Our distinctive drinks are attributed to this process, in order for you to enjoy only the finest flavors. With each cup comes its own aroma, taste, and character. We share our drinks with you so that you may be part of our story.

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The Alley's first location was opened by graphic designer Mao-ting Chiu in Taiwan in 2015. Now a successful franchise in China, Japan, Canada, France, and Australia, The Alley specializes in milk and bubble teas, preparing its own blend of sugar cane syrup and making the pearl-shaped tapioca on site.

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